Perineoplasty: know everything about the procedure!

What will perineoplasty be? Are you even afraid to know? The segment of aesthetic medicine has been advancing so much – and profiting so much – that every day, force of expression, comes some news or some news that a futile subcelebridad made the twenty-seventh plastic in some exotic region of the body.

Well … “exotic region” may be a good way to refer to perineoplasty. But know that this surgical procedure, most of the time, is not required for narcissistic reason, but for health necessity, for medical guidance.

Imagine you, all beautiful, cheeky, radiant, doing your part of taking care of the body working out in the gym, and suddenly during physical exercise, raising that little thing, feels something … supreme boostr male enhancement wet … running down your leg, something damp and warm, unpleasantly warm and with a very characteristic odor. At that moment, the guy who takes you sighs passes, and you try to draw attention at all costs a week ago, and make the following comment:

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“I think you need a perineoplasty.”

Or visualize this scene: you are at home, all beautiful, cheeky, radiant, doing the cleaning (okay, in that case maybe not so beautiful, cheeky, radiant), is taking the heavy furniture out of the place to shake off the dust and, Suddenly, yes, again, he feels something dripping down his leg, hot and unpleasant odor. At that moment, pass the filo and comment without taking your eyes off the smarphone:

“I think the mother needs a perineoplasty.”

There is another situation where perineoplasty can be helpful.

Supreme booster pills Let’s say you are so beautiful, cheeky, radiant that even though you are embarrassed by the gym boy, you have managed to win him, he is crazy about you and you are determined to have a remarkable experience, to share intimate moments. You consent, are also related, have always been, mark everything right, place, date, time, prepare all.

The preliminaries were great, he made everything right, he also understands the scratched. Bodies revealed, stretched out in bed and the great moment arrives, the moment of greatest expectation. And the action goes on and you realize that something is not going out cool, you’re not feeling what you should feel, you know? You check the citizen’s document and think to yourself, “It’s not possible that I’m not feeling anything.”

But the strange things do not stop there. The bombadinho that is in the effort to maintain regular and growing movements perceives a current of air expelled by a place that should not expel, at least not at that moment, and something … moist, hot (yes, again!), Smelly and yellow.

You begin to feel discomfort, to feel pain. Pain unaccompanied with pleasure.

At that moment, the boy stops, begins to dress, and speaks before knocking on the door:

“You’re all beautiful, cheeky, radiant, and such, but you really need a perineoplasty.”

With these examples, it is expected that it has become very clear that perineoplasty is not a superfluous fad and that it is fundamentally about quality of life. If you do not want to go through these types of situations, it is good to follow all the beautiful, cheeky and radiant with this text to know, after all, what the hell is a perineoplasty.

What the hell is a perineoplasty?

It is the surgical procedure, not very complicated, since on average it lasts 50 minutes and there is no need for the patient to be hospitalized, she can return home the same day, which aims to reconstruct the perineum muscle, located inside the vagina . This muscle is responsible for the support of the pelvic organs (bladder, anus, urethra, uterus, rectum, vagina), which are essential for the control of urine output, feces, gases and also sexual stimulation.

Perineoplasty is indicated when there is weakening of this muscular region to the point of compromising the normal functioning of the organs it supports, resulting in unpleasant symptoms.

Supreme boostr free trial This surgery corrects loosening, detachment, or withdrawal of the perineal muscles.

But an important detail: perineoplasty can only be considered as a last resort, after Kegel exercises (specific exercises to strengthen the abdomen) did not have the expected effects, for example. Therefore, it is always very important to consult your gynecologist, evaluate all possibilities. Even if it is a low-risk surgery, there is a risk, like every surgery, then risk without any need for what?

How does the perineum muscle weaken?

Weariness, weakening, of this muscle can occur by natural cause, that is, by aging, or by constant and numerous normal deliveries, which promote laceration.

Hereditary issues may also explain the wear and tear on that specific region of the body. Another factor that influences weakening is the continued use of high doses of anabolic steroids.

The Consequences and Symptoms of Perineal Weakness

The examples, illustrations from the beginning of the text, have given some clues about the symptoms derived from this problem. If you did not get all of them, here’s a list of them:

Urinary incontinence;
Fecal incontinence;
Fall of libido and sexual pleasure;
Exit of air or urine during or after the sexual act;
Pain during or after sexual intercourse.
Recommendations before operation
Before perineoplasty, it is recommended that the patient maintain a light diet, which is very poor in fiber. We are talking about days, days before the operation.
One day before entering the knife, you should empty the intestine with the consumption of laxatives;
Do an intimate cleansing using an antiseptic soap.
Recommendations after the operation
Perineoplasty done, without any complications, returns home. What to do next? Better: we will say what not to do, at least for a while:

Supreme booster male enhancer It is not necessary to remove the stitches from the scar, which is located on the posterior wall of the vagina, as they are absorbable;
Do not wear tight underwear;
Avoid physical exercise for 30 days;
Be sure to use external vaginal absorbent;
Do not have sex. Calm, for 45 days (chocolate is released).

The price of perineoplasty

If your health plan does not cover this operation, we are afraid that you would prefer to become a nun (ok, each, each one) or a Maria Mijona (it gets difficult there). The average price of the procedure is 9 thousand reais. It may vary from one clinic to another, but you will not get away from it very much. Unless the gym boy owns it.

Final considerations

Perineoplasty is a surgery that allows reconstruction of the perineum muscle, which may weaken with advancing age, with many normal births, for genetic reasons or by the contumacious consumption of high doses of anabolic steroids. It is a procedure that aims to improve the quality of life of the patient, since the symptoms of this disease causes urinary incontinence, fecal, loss of libido and sexual pleasure, exit of air or urine during or after the sexual act and pain during or after the sexual act.

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