[Nutrition Tip] Chocolate: Should We Consume?

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Other Chocolate Doubts

Anyone who has ever eaten a chocolate bar alone at some point in anxiety or stress, throw the first stone. But what is the truth about chocolate? After all, eat or not eat? That is the question and in this matter we will unravel this mystery!

Chocolate is basically composed of: cocoa, milk solids, sugars or substitutes and fats (which can be milk, cocoa or vegetables).

Among its ingredients cocoa is responsible for the benefits of food, as it is an important source of antioxidants, which are substances that neutralize the free radicals that damage cells; and flavonoids that bring benefits to the health of our heart, lowering bad cholesterol and aiding in the improvement of blood flow.

But always remember: despite the benefits, most of Max Keto Burn‘s composition are still fats, so make the right choice of your chocolate and always consume it in moderation.

Chocolates vary according to their percentage of cocoa. A milk chocolate has at least 25% cocoa solids and white chocolate cocoa is only cocoa butter (minimum 20%). So always opt for chocolates with higher percentage of cocoa. They have fewer calories, less fat, more cocoa and consequently more health benefits.

For on-the-job chocolatiers or women in PMS, one tip is to never leave a chocolate bar in the work drawer or next to the computer. The welfare and pleasure attached to this food is due to the release of substances that cause this sensation, but we do not need to ingest a whole bar of chocolate to feel them.

A good exercise is learning how to taste and enjoy food, consuming about 30g of chocolate a day from 70% of cocoa in the long run, is tied to the benefits to the body. So when you buy a candy bar, pack it in pots or pack it in three-by-three-inch film and take only one of those packs a day.

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In the market we have options up to 100% cocoa, but the same are very bitter, especially for people who are accustomed to milk chocolates. So, gradually realize the suitability of your palate. Start by switching your chocolate to milk or white for half bitter chocolates until you reach the 70 or 100% chocolate, according to your taste.

To enjoy it, place it in the mouth and let it melt as if sucking a bullet. This time is necessary for the brain to assimilate the sensation of pleasure and satiation at the same time, which decreases its desire to eat a bar of chocolate.

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Never forget, foods with functional properties do not make magic. A balanced diet and the practice of physical exercises are indispensable for a healthy life. Just as everything we eat and not spend, we accumulate in our body in the form of fat.

So by consuming it in moderation, your body will get the benefits of cocoa and the good sensations that chocolate brings.

Follow our tips and see you next time…