Lack of sexual desire in men: causes and how to treat

The lack of sexual desire in men can be caused by different factors and it is important that the man gives attention to this discomfort.

Sex is very important in the life of any animal species. With humans this would be no different. Nowadays, there are numerous types of treatments that help the man to have a normal sex life. So do not let yourself get down, seek treatment and know the alternatives that exist.

Imagine the scene: you work all day, most often in a stressful and stressful environment, and the only thing you want is to have a few moments of pleasure with your partner. But none of this happens because there is no desire.

This scene is very common in most USA’s homes: women complain about their partners for lack of sexual desire, and when they look for them in bed, they are asleep. Lack of sexual desire, even, ends most marriages, be they between individuals of opposite sexes or of the same sex.

In addition to their mates or partners getting low self-esteem, men are lousy because they do not have a sex life in perfect condition. Questions like “What’s wrong with me?”, “Am I sick?”, “Should I separate?” Come up all the time.

These are just a few questions that go through a person’s lack of sexual desire, but there are countless other questions that form true mental dialogues.

The companions and companions of a man who does not have sexual desire also suffer from innumerable questions, most of them related to self-esteem and distrust. Questions like “Does he have another?”, “Am I ugly?”, ” supreme booster side effects Am I no longer attractive?” Are the most common to these women.

According to numerous experts, the lack of sexual desire in men has many factors. Man does not always lose his sexual desire for his partner or partner because of the existence of a lover. Of course this can happen, but that’s not always what happens.

Can I take medicine to cure my lack of sex drive?

Any medication for the treatment of lack of sexual desire in men should be prescribed by a medical specialist who knows exactly what you have and how to treat.

It is very dangerous to take these medications that interfere with an individual’s sexual desire. Often healing is in a simple therapy that should be done when the first episodes happen.

Remember: when the mind is healthy, without too much day-to-day complications, sexual desire tends to normalize, and life for two becomes a success in bed.

According to some experts, most men who take medicine to have sexual appetite for their partners hardly ever take the medication again. You can conclude that it should not be very good for the perfect functioning of the organism, is it not?

Medications like Viagra, also known to be a blue pill, cause unpleasant side effects in those who take it.

Know some side effects

Some side effects are reported by those taking medications to increase sexual desire and male virility. Here are just a few:

Ease in the rupture of arteries.

It’s not worth suffering all those nasty sensations, is it? So, find a medical specialist who can guide you and prescribe what you really need to take.

Factors that contribute to the lack of sexual desire in men

The lack of sexual desire in men causes in them different uncomfortable sensations. These feelings often appear because of the lack of information. supreme boostr ingredients Many feel lost and without having anyone to tell about these feelings.

Know some factors that may be contributing to this: Having sex out of obligation

This marital obligation to always say “yes” when the partner or partner wants to have sex can be an aggravating factor for the emergence of this lack of desire.

Stressful routine

Many couples do not know, but routine can be a great villain for maintaining an active sex life. The more stressful routines can contribute for the man to lose his sexual desire.

Do you know those movie scenes where the couple fucking madly in the hood of the car on a deserted road? Stimulating your sexual fantasy and putting it into practice from time to time may be what is missing for everything to get in the way.

Try to break your routine if you think it may be contributing to the end of your sex life.

Ever heard of Andropause?

Every woman will have to go through menopause one day, right? But what about the man? Believe me, the man too, but for them is Andropausa or supreme boostr.

Between 45 and 55 years, several physiological changes occur in the body of men. These changes cause a low production of testosterone, among other hormones.

This decrease in testosterone may contribute to the lack of sexual desire in most men.


Obesity, in addition to causing various diseases in the body, also contributes to the lack of sexual desire in men.

The obese citizen has decreased libido to perform various activities in their daily lives. This lack of energy to perform activities contributes to the decrease of sexual desire.

Treatments for lack of sexual desire in men

Some treatments can help you have a more active and much more enjoyable sex life. You should choose what you think is best for you right now. Here are some that we have separated for you to know:

1 – Ingestion of Flibanserin

This medicine should be prescribed by a doctor. Developed by the German laboratory Boehringer Ingelhein, it has the function of modulating the availability of serotonin in the body.

This modulation of the neurotransmitter helps in the increase of dopamine, a substance completely fundamental for the individual to feel like having sex.

2 – Reducing stress with therapy

Lack of sexual desire in men may be related to excessive stress.

Decreasing stress can be the kick-start for your desire to have sex. There are very effective therapies that can help you in this process of calming the mind.

Relaxing massages are great examples of therapies that help you get out of this stress that your mind is in.

3 – Physical activity practice

Decreased will to sleep is related to the low production of dopamine.

The practice of physical activity will help you normalize the levels of serotonin and dopamine in your body, giving you back the desire to have an active sex life.